Vaccinations and Immunizations

Vaccines and Immunizations We Provide

Influenza (Flu shot)

The influenza vaccine, or better known as the flu vaccine, protects against seasonal influenza viruses. Getting vaccinated not only helps protect you from getting sick with the flu but also prevents the spread of the virus to vulnerable populations.

Tetanus Shot

The tetanus vaccine is typically given early in childhood as part of the Tdap vaccine. However, it is recommended that individuals get a tetanus shot at least every ten years or sooner if you believe you been infected as a result of a cut/puncture caused by a nail or other metal object.

Tdap Vaccine

Tdap vaccine can protect adolescents and adults from diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. If your child has not received the Tdap vaccine visit us during our extended hours for this critical vaccine.

Preventing Disease and Support Good Health

At Gateway Urgent Care we offer common immunizations including a tetanus shot, flu shot, and Tdap to protect you against contagious diseases.

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What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is provided to patients to build immunity to a specific disease. A vaccine contains dead or weakened organisms to help your immune system produce antibodies.

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What is immunization?

Immunization is the process that occurs in your body after a vaccination is administered when your immune system builds an immunity to the disease.

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