Walk-In X-rays and Labs

On-site Lab Testing & X-rays

Most people think of broken bones, sprains, and fractures when considering getting an X-ray. But did you know that X-rays can be used for more than identifying common injuries?

At Gateway Urgent Care, we offer a number of diagnostic X-rays from common injuries, to stubborn coughs and kidney stones.

Gateway Urgent Care also offers a number of on-site lab services including blood work which makes it convenient for diagnosis confirmation.

Plan Your Visit

Looking for medical care? Come and see us. Make sure to fill out your patients forms before hand to make your visit as quick as possible.

Quickly Diagnose Conditions

Digital X-rays

On-site X-ray services include breaks, fractures, chest, and lung.

Drug Screens

Testing and screening services.

Pregnancy Testing

We provide fast and reliable urine and blood testing for pregnancy.

Flu, Strep, & Mono

Experiencing COVID, mono, strep, or flu like symptoms? Get tested to start feeling better.

STD Testing

Get peace of mind with our confidential STD testing for HIV, herpes, syphilis, & more.


Check your overall health or pinpoint a potential medical problem with urinalysis.

Get your lab test today.

Get tested today to confirm your condition and get the treatment you need.