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Whether your suffering from an illness or a minor injury Gateway Urgent Care has you covered.

Employment Physical

An employment physical consists of a detailed medical review, vision & hearing, and vital measurements. Additional testing may be required by employers such as an EKG, lab evaluations, etc.

School Physical

A school physical includes a review of past medical and medication history, a vaccine review, and a basic physical exam that includes a vision and hearing screening.

Sports Physical

If your child is playing sports then you need a sports physical which includes a review of medical history, vital signs, height and weight, vision screening, a vaccine review, and a basic physical exam.

Basic Adult Physical

A basic adult physical includes a review of your past medical history, vision and hearing screenings, as well as the measurement of vital signs. (Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure and pulse).

Camp Physical

A camp physical includes a general physical exam including, vaccine review, medication, dietary restrictions, physical limitations, and emergency treatment information and planning.

DOT Physical

A DOT physical is required when getting a commercial driver’s license. It is a comprehensive physical that includes a review of past medical history & medications as well as a comprehensive physical.

What a Physical Includes

Physicals typically include a detailed review of your medical history, vital readings, and a physical exam. Exams may vary depending on the physical you require.

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Medical History

A medical history review is common for every physical. It includes an evaluation of lifestyle, diet, as well a vaccination review.

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Vital Readings

Vital readings include measuring your blood pressure, heart, and respiration rates as well as your temperature.

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Physical Exam

A physical exam will include observing your physical appearance, skin health, posture, and joint flexibility.

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